TJT cooperations with European Mobility programmes

TJT cooperations with European Mobility programmes

Erasmus+ is the EU´s programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. Its budget of €14.7 billion will provide opportunities for over 4 million Europeans to study, train, gain experience, and volunteer abroad. Set to last until 2020, Erasmus+ doesn´t just have opportunities for students. Merging seven prior programmes, it has opportunities for a wide variety of individuals and organisations. Detailed information on these opportunities, including eligibility criteria, is available here:

Since 2009 Tenerife Job Training has actively participating as intermediary organisation receiving participants in Tenerife:

  • 2010 BIC Nordtüringen, Alemania: “EU-Kompetenz für Personen in Erstausbildung II”
  • 2010 Stredni Skola, Rep.Checa : “The Mobility for the students SSCR in the hotels in Spain and Greece”
  • 2010 Liljaskolan, Sweden: “Tourism and sport traning mobilities”
  • 2011 Stredni Skola, Rep.Checa: “The mobility for students Stredni Skoly Cestovniho Ruchu, Roznov p.R. in the in the hotels in UK, Greece and Spain”
  • 2011 Fundaçao Odemira, Portugal: “Europa, uma oportunidade para os jovens professionais”
  • 2011 South Nottingham College, UK: “Real Experience Nottingham to Tenerife”
  • 2011 Liljaskolan, Sweden: “Tourism and sport traning mobilities”
  • 2011 Galway Technical Institute, Ireland: “MAKE: Mobility Abroad for Knowledge & Experience”
  • 2012 Mission Insertion Jeunes, New Caledonie: “MOB-ISLANDS”
  • 2012 South Nottingham College, UK: “Real Experience Nottingham to Tenerife”
  • 2012 Liljaskolan, Sweden: “Tourism and sport traning mobilities”
  • 2013 Escola Secundária de D.Dinis de Santo Tirso, Portugal: “EPFF - Formaçao sem Fronteiras”
  • 2013 Escola de Tecnologia y Gestao Barcelos, Portugal: “Vivencias profissionais e cidadania euro peia”
  • 2013 Kenwerk-EU Moveabroad, Netherlands: “EUmoveabroad 4 mobility in VET”
  • 2013 Galway Technical Institute, Ireland: “MAKE-2: Mobility Abroad for Knowledge & Experience”.
  • 2013 Liljaskolan, Sweden: “Tourism and sport traning mobilities”
  • 2014 Escola de Tecnología y Gestao Barcelos, Portugal
  • 2014 Liljaskolan y Nacka Gymnasium, Sweden
  • 2014 Galway Technical Institute, Ireland
  • 2014 Instituto d’Instruzione Superiore Panzini, Italy
  • 2014 Tartu vocational Educational Center, Estonia
  • 2014 Mission d’Insertion des Jeunes, Nueva Caledonia
  • 2014 Citaverde College , Sporeto, The Netherlands
  • 2015 Empresa Municipal de Educaçao y Cultura de Barcelos, Portugal “Formar Para Integrar Una Vida Activa”
  • 2015 Longford and Westmeath Education and Training, Ireland “Recent Graduates to Work”
  • 2015 Centro de Estudos y Formaçao Aquiles Estaço CEFAE, Portugal “The Time is Now”
  • 2015 Citaverde College, Nehterlands,  Erasmus+project 2014-1-NL01-KA102-000285
  • 2015 Galway Technical Institute, Ireland. “Mobility Abroad for Knowledge and Experience”.
  • 2015 Tartu Vocational Educational Center, Estonia “Valuable Experiecces from Europe”.
  • 2015 Mission D’Insertion Des Jeunes, New Caledonia.
  • 2016 y 2017 Galway Technical Institute, Ireland. Project Number 2014-1-IE01-KA102-000052
  • 2016 y 2017 Longford & Westmeath Education & training. Project number 2015-1-IE01-KA102-008573
  • 2016 Liljaskolan Forestal. Project Number 2015-1-SE01-KA102-012200-2
  • 2016 Estonia Tartu Vocational School. Project Number 2015-1-E01-KA102-013334
  • 2016 EPFA Portugal.Project Number KA1 2015-1-PT01-.KA 1 02-012753
  • 2016 y 2017 Nacka Gymnasium. Project Number 2015-1-SE01-KA102-012081
  • 2016 y 2017 Goodwill School. Project Number 2016-1-CZ01-KA102-023080
  • 2016 Escola Tecnologica de Barcelos. Project number 2014-PT01-KA102-00169
  • 2016 y 2017 Jámtlands Gymnasiumforum. Project number 2016-SE01-KAI02-021940
  • 2017 Templemore College. Project number 2016-1-01-KA102-01
  • 2017 Liljaskolan Sweden 2015-1-SE01-KA102-012200-2
  • 2017 Templemore College Ireland 2016-1-01-KA102-01
  • 2017 Longford & Westmeath Education & training Ireland 2015-1-IE01-KA102-008573
  • 2017 Galway Technical Institute MAKE – Mobility Abroad for Knowledge and Experience Ireland 2016-I-IE01-KA116-016798
  • 2017 Goodwill School Czech Republic 2016-1-CZ01-KA102-023080
  • 2017 Békéscsaba Center of Vocational Training International practices and EXPERIENCES IN Vocational Education 2017-2019 Hungary 2017-1-HU01-KA116-35504
  • 2017 Nacka Gymnasium Sweden 2017-1-SE01-KA102-034287
  • 2017 PHTI Guent Provinciaal Handels- en Taalinstituut Belgium
  • 2018 Tartu Estonia
  • 2018 Blackrock Institute Ireland
  • 2018 Longford & Westmeath Education & training Ireland
  • 2018 Galway technical Institute Ireland
  • 2018 Liljaskolan Sweden
  • 2018 Centro de Estudios Livorno Italy

Your institution can rely on us the following services:

  • Transfer from airports upon arrival and departure.
  • Search of the best internship available according to the student´s profile.
  • Follow up of the student with personal.
  • Spanish lessons by qualified professionals.
  • Cultural, sport and fun activities.
  • Reports, agreements, certifications and any official document required by the send­ing institution.
  • Study Visits for teachers and trainers
  • Job Shadowing visits for teachers and trainers.
  • TJT as a partner for your Erasmus + Projects:

Tenerife Job Training is an intermediary agency which aims to help students to find an internship in various companies in the Canary Islands, accompany the student during the whole stay, and make sure that the internship is in line with the needs and the expectative of the student. For more than 10 years, we have been receiving participants from the Erasmus program. Moreover, we also make part of a professional network of companies helping students to study in Spain and learn Spanish. Professional visits for teachers, K2 Erasmus Plus projects and adult education are also some of our areas of expertise.

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