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Katheryne from Madrid, Septembre 2015

I just returned from Tenerife and just say it was one of the best experiences of my life . I met people from all over the world and it was amazing.
Teresa and Mariv? are the coordinators and gave me all the necessary information about the island .Teresa was very friendly and picked me up at the airport and took me to the hotel.

It is an experience I recommend to everyone!!!

Nadine from Holland, Agosto 2015

I had a good time in Villa Tagoro! My collegea s were very kind and helpfull!! When there was something I could always asked them and they explained me things as well. A point of improving for the hotel is the food for the staff. There is not much to eat for breakfast than only bread, coffee and some cheese and meat which lays outside the fridge.
You're service was good with helping for arranging the papers and once in a period you came to ask how everything was. I don't have a point for improving for you. You're services was good.

Dora Peters. Denmark, June 2015

Choosing Tenerife as a destination seemed to be a true challenge. I chose the island because I wanted to try myself out in a different area culture, mentality and weather-wise. It was a great professional and personal experience. Starting to work on my birthday brought all the managers singing happy birthday to me which was a faboulous and motivating start. Working in a world-famous hotel inspired me to the fullest to do my best in every minute, though during my internship I had so many hard days, but with all the support I got, I could easily manage the more difficult times.I have learned so many useful skills during these 4 months that will be absolutely helpful in my future career. Working in a five star hotel really teaches you to be on the top all the time which you definitely need in a professional field. At the end of my internship, I got to like this island and the mentality of the people so much, that I would love to come back anytime in my life. I really am grateful for all the support I got from TJT and will never ever forget Tenerife and these 4 months!!!

Simon Smith from Galway, Ireland, April 2015

Last few days in Tenerife and my last day at my work placement tomorrow at Bonadea I I office
I would like to thank all those who made this simply one of the greatest experience I've ever had from been on the boat to seen whales and dolphins to working with guys in the office.I had chance today on my birthday to see Orca killer whales but by time the boat when out again they had simply swam to far out to sea for the boat ..
Then there's all the staff in the Bonadea office and on the boat who have made me feel so welcome and a part of the team thank you . To all the locals around the office in cafés the other excursion groups who welcomed me with open arms I say, thanks.
I must say this island is one nicest and most beautiful places I've every been and I've managed to do some things id always hoped to do, speak a new language to locals (first for me ) and cycling up the mountains and to Los Gigantes to see some most beautiful scenery god ever created. To do some triathlon training every other day (open water swimming in March/April without wetsuit lol)
Then there some of the local culture like flamingo dancing and parades which I managed to see .
Time to almost come home ,but for some strange reason I have feeling I could be calling this my home soon one day lol ..

Mary Breheny at Tenerife Carnival training, February 2015

I'm back home in Ireland
Did not want to leave the place starting to like the place a bit to much!! had brilliant time in Santa Cruz and been part of such an amazing festival, I hate been back in this cold weather

Tobias at Villa Tagoro Hotel, January 2015

Thank you for all the help, support and, above all, the opportunity to do this! It has been a crazy journey with its ups and downs, and now in the end I think a made the absolute best of it!!
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