Educational Tourism

“Travel to learn, learn from travelling”

We are not traveling anymore with the only purpose of relaxing and taking pictures. There are as many reasons to travel as people in the world. Learning is a powerful reason to travel, some of us choose to do that but not everybody notice that every trip is teaching us something.

Tenerife Job Training operates as a competent and creative motor which introduces the concept of EDUCATIONAL TOURISM to the island of Tenerife and works to enhance it as a stimulus to visit the island.

Tenerife Job Training is proud to be ambassador for students in this wonderful paradise of the Atantic Ocean.

Tenerife Job Training is proud to be member of The Promotional Tourism Board of Tenerife, with the aim of promoting the Educational Tourism.:

Tenerife Job Training work with students to provide them with quality internships programms at the best companies in the Canary Islands. Quality placements for tourism and hospitality students are offered by Tenerife Job Training, based in the south of Tenerife who has been receiving participants from Europe Mobility programms Erasmus Plus for more than 10 years now. We are part of a professional network of companies that like, FU or Animafest Experience help interns to study in Spain and learn Spanish.

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38660 Fañabé, Adeje.
Phone: [+34] 922 711 512