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Aliya from Kazakhstan, October 17

Hola Teresa,

sorry for late reply, at home I'm so relaxed and slow)

In general, I really enjoyed my internship.

But, food for stuff in Golf Plaza could be better.

Everything else - I told you I enjoyed????

Best regards, Aliya ^)

Masha from The Netherlands, Sept 2017

Likes and dislikes about the company i worked at :


- very friendly staff

- always ready to help if help is needed

- possibility to stay at the hotel is very good

- the pocket money was good too.


- the food wasn't the best but it's good that they offer food to all staff, including trainees.

Likes and dislikes about TJT service:


- very helpfull!

- also really nice that you're available on whatsapp if there is a problem

- very nice that the email respones are very fast!!

- i really liked the face to face contact with teresa during the internship

- it was also very good that you guys actually try to help us because you want to, not because you have to! You really notice if someone wants to help or whem they help because they have to:)

- and i really liked that teresa helped with all the forms and documents in tenerife


- i dont really have anything i disliked about it!

Tips for the future

- maybe it's an idea to pick up the students from the actual airport, findinf the right bus can be kinda stressfull and confusing. But other than that everything was great!!

Just wanted to thank you guys aswell for this opportunity and for convincing me to stay in the end!

Phaedra from Belgium, Sept 2017

I am really good, Yes I miss Tenerife a loooooot! It was a beautiful experience to never forget. The island, the people, the hotel, the job,... everything was perfect!

About Iberostar I have any complaints, everything was good. I had my own room, I could eat in the restaurant, I had a laundry room,... nothing bad about this things. Also my work tasks were great, they accepted me as one of the team and not like 'the practicant girl' I felt really welcome there.

Also about TJT I have no complaints, everything was very clear and all my documents were prepared so over all I have nothing bad to say! I can recommend everything to other students! :)

Kind regards!


Clara from France, Ag 2017

Hello Teresa !

Yes, I sometimes miss Tenerife but I'm also glad to be back home !

Tenerife Job training especially helped me to meet new friend. It was the case with 2 french girls (Lisa and Ophélie) and with Max and Emma from Netherlands. So I really liked being with Tenerife Job Training. But a inconvenient was that on the whatsapp group, a lot of people spoke with their native language and not it english..

Anyway, I wold recommend Tenerife Job Training to any student who can afford it !

Hope this helps!

Hasta la proxima,


Dorine from France, July 2017

So I liked the experience, it was amazing and one of the best in my life. Playa Hotel is very nice, there is inside a really good atmosphere between people, it's like a family! And more guests are really cool and I improved my English so much there! About the job I learned a lot and I improved my professional capacity a lot!

About your services I'm really happy! You bring me from the airport until the hotel, explain me all about the job, the company and life in the Island. Arriving in the company, you were with me for meet workers and visit the site.

After you made partys with all trainees for meet people it was a really good idea!

And when I had health problems you bring me in hospital and helped me!

So all for me was positive thank you so much for all girls, I recommande TJT! And if I come back one day I will visit you!

Hasta Pronto,


Ann from Ireland, June 2017

3 Weeks is far too short for a meaningful internship. However I am aware my college organised the time-frame not Tenerife job trainning.
I would recommend new arrivals should be given a copy of the booklet produced by Turismo Arona on tips on safety while in Tenerife or your company could produce its own version. As an older participant of the programme I would be very safety conscious & street wise but many of my fellow students were less so & I feel it would be very practical to provide this information on the day of arrival.
Teresa & Cecelia the staff I worked with at the Tourist Information Office were both kind, helpful & happy to share their knowledge with me.
This placement should be specifically for students on a Tourism related course (which I was) & one with excellent communication skills.
I found the support you provided to students excellent.
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