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Rachid from Netherlands, Junio 2013

Hola Marivi!

Llege bien a Holanda ! El viaje fue fatal pero lo sobreviví. Gracias por la oportunidad de participar en la programa Leonardo Da Vinci y la oportunidad de ir a Tenerife. Fue una experiencia inolvidable y me lo pasé muy bien en Granada Park.
Especial por las collega's estupendas que tenia.
Que sigas haciendo un buen trabajo!!


Sinead and Chloe from Ireland. Carnival training, Febrero 2013

We were over the moon at the result and so happy that all the hard work had paid off. We went backstage again to congratulate our designer?s and team. They were so delighted with the result. It was also time to say goodbye to them as we had an early flight the next morning. We had formed great friendships with them so we were sad to say goodbye to them and Santa Cruz.
Our experience overall was nothing we could have imagined. We were welcomed
into the team?s as if they had known us for year?s. The work we were doing was so beneficial to us and we will never forget the skills we learnt by doing and observing in the workshop. The three week?s flew by too fast and we did not want to go home. We learnt a new language and got the best experience we could have to add to our CV's. We know how lucky we were to get this opportunity and are already very jealous of the students who will be going in our place next year.

Lisa from Galway, Ireland, January 2013

Best day of work so far,it really felt like a little team in there today and that we were helping and getting quicker!Thank you so much to Carmen and Marisol who while taking the mick out of the Irish are also really having the 'craic' with us and teaching us so much.Just one complaint......I feel like this is my job now and I get to walk to it everyday in the sun....Do we really have to come home?It's the first job I've ever had that doesn't seem like work!!Thank you so much for this experience

Guillermo de Portugal, Enero 2013

Não consigo agradecer pela oportunidade que me deu em ir estagiar para o H10 Costa Adeje Palace...foi o momento mais marcante da minha vida e como prova disso eu vou voltar a Tenerife com o objectivo de trabalhar lá!
Espero que a vida lhe sorria sempre e que tenhas as maiores felicidades e sucessos!

Appolonie and Priscilia from New Caledonia, Octubre 2012

hola hola voy en mi isla ma?ana que bonita, que ch?bere isla con la arena blanca porque en Tenerife es la arena negra pienso a Marivi Gracia te echas menos mucho mucho gracias yo te esperare eheheh buena suerte en tu trabajo, tambien a Priscillia Chanene, Justyna Mrowiec, Monika Ba?dura, Laura Salas Cerquera, y otros amigos de Villa Tagoro los practicantes voy a tocar para vosotros os echais menos mucho muchos besos cuidade tchao hasta la proxima. Viva Isla de los Pinos, Viva Tenerife, Viva Espa?a voy a volver en Espa?a, en Europa no lo se cuando tchaoooooo.

Katrin (Leonardo Da Vinci project UK), Septiembre 2012

Here my impression: I had an amazing experience in Tenerife which I will never forget!! I worked 9 weeks at the reception, where I had the chance to improve my working skills. It was really interesting to meet people from all over the world and talk to them! It's an unforgettable experience if i had the chance to do it again, I would definitely do it!

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