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Oliver Jacobsson from Sweden, December 2013

Hi Marivi!
I hope everything is good with and that the new year started fantastic for everybody at your place and work.

First i would like to thank you for 13 amazing weeks, I've learned so much and miss you all. I`ll never forget it and You Marivi has been the best!

I wonder if you could write me an certificate about my time with you, how long I was there, what my tasks was and hopefully something about my personal skills and effort.
Wish you the best,

Jenni from Finland, Octubre 2013

Now i finally have time to write a short evaluacion/feedback for you. So all in all everything went fine in las dalias during my internship. You handled everything like you should, even though there was some confusion in the beginning with the papers...mostly because of iberostar.

So i was happy with my internship, i expected that working in las dalias would be more fun but because we had some troubles with other employees i didnt enjoy of it all the time. Also i think that even in the papers Eloy was mentioned to be my mentor, i think he wasnt because he never had time to teach me anything.I did expect to learn more that just the basic things in the reception but the co-workers didnt let me to so i had to satisfy the basics things.

Anyway thank you a lot for the opportunity to make an intenship abroud! Without you i could have not done it. Muchas gracias

I definately will recommend you for other students that wants to do an internship abroad. I also told to my practical coornidator that co-operation with your organization went fine. She was really scared of letting me do the internship in tenerife and in that particular hotel because of all the mess. Luckily everything went fine. If you dont need that many papers for all intership places i think my uni will approve it better and recommend for other students as well

Thank you a lot and it was a pleasure to meet you! Hopefully i will see you some day again when i come to Tenerife!!

Dima and Eugenya from Bielorusia, Septiembre 2013

Dear Marivi!
We are finally home now! It's been a long trip back)
It's quite cold here now. Only the Tenerife memories and photos can warm us up)
And Dima and I would very much like to thank you for being so kind to us, for all your help, for always being there for us! It has been a wonderful summer!
Thanx, and I hope to meen again!

Katia from Russia, Septoiembre 2013

For me this internship was incredible, I really like the hotel and people, with whom I worked. And also training helped me to understood where I want work and what I want to do in my future.
Thank you very much for this unforgettable experience

Amanda animation department, Diciembre 2012

Going to tenerife and work abroad was one of the best things ive done. I learnd so much of being alone and be in another country wich lanugage i dont understand. Even if somedays it was hard and i just wanted to go home you just have to think that you cant give up beacuse in the end its all worth it.

Ana de Barcelos Portugal, Junio 2013

Tudo come?ou por ser um sonho, mas quando vimos a realidade mais parecia ser um pesadelo. Um pesadelo que se foi perdendo com o passar do tempo. Fomos tendo amigos conhecendo cada vez mais pessoas, e fazendo amigos, amigos esses que eu n?o quero deixar, quero ficar aqui e n?o voltar. Voltar para um mundo onde tudo nada faz sentido, come?ar de novo num novo s?tio ? isso que quero. Tudo tem um in?cio e tudo tem um fim, o in?cio foi a 14 de Abril e o fim ? hoje 16 de Junho. Tudo aquilo que passei foi uma li??o, para aprender o que custa estar longe de casa e termos de abdicar de tudo aquilo que mais gostamos. Mas com esfor?o tudo se consegue. Um dia c? estarei de volta para poder estar com aqueles que foram a minha fam?lia durante este tempo todo. Tenerife Sul 2013
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