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Alva from Sweden, Diciembre 2014

In only 6 hours I'll be on my way back too Sweden. I can't believe how 84 days can pass by so fast. This adventure is something I will always remember. All the new people I've met. All the new places I've seen. And all the new memories I've created. Thank you everyone for making this journey the best one. Tenerife, I will miss you.

Roxanne Camelia, Noviembre 2014

It was nerve-racking finding the perfect human resource company who can provide you with what I like to say, 'all in one' but I finally came across Tenerife Training Experience as being my last hope and indeed, I was not disappointed, but even impressed!
I would like to thank Marivi Gracia and definitely recommend her because she is doing an amazing job and she is indeed the best!
I have had a fabulous time during my internship and have been acknowledged with various tasks and information in the front office department.
Not only did I enjoy my duties during working hours along with wonderful people, but also the time spent off-duty exploring every part of Tenerife.
In a nutshell, it was spectacular!
Muchas gracias per todo y hasta pronto!
Roxanne Camelya

Sean from The Netherlands, October 2014

Thank you all for this amazing experience! I enjoyed every single moment with all of you. I learned so much and had the time of my life. For sure I will come back to this paradise. Keep up the good work and carry on, you are the best. Thanks for everything!
Only 1 day left, time goes so fast when you're having fun..

Tartu, Estonia Leoanrdo Da Vinci Project, Agosto 2014

During last week I met with all the students, who were on Tenerife!
We made all reports and feedback about the mobility and their practice!
They all are very satisfied with it! Thank You very much for good work!
Thank you very much and kind regards.

They talked, that only one problem was the misunderstanding with the accommodation! And that in the beginning most of them had homesickness! But in the end, they all wanted to stay for longer :)

Senigallia Panzini students, Junio 2014

Al termine di questa grande avventura ci resta il ricordo di un' isola bellissima e di persone meravigliose chr ci hanno accolto e hanno saputo trasmetterci il loro entusiasmo. Grazie ancora a Marivi Gracia, Teresa e Pdpa pef aver assistito i nostri studenti e averli fatti sentire a loro agio. Grazie anche agli albergatori che hanno dato ospitalitá e consentito ai nostri alunni di approfondire le proprie competenze linguistiche e professionali. Un saluto e tanti complimenti anche agli attori principali di questo stage che hanno racvolto gratificazioni continue e sono cresciuti come professionisti e come persone.
Project Manager

Tom from UK, January 2014

I should have been brought up as a Spaniard, I mean my choice of lifestyle suits theirs down to the ground, I may have only been out here for three months but this place is the first place I will think of as a place to live and work, when AND IF I ever finish my education, I am so going to miss this place, amazingly friendly people, gorgeous sunny weather that doesn't seem to stop, slow rhythm to life and some rather exotic looking female co-inhabitants, I mean what more could a 23 year old guy want from life, this could well be paradise on earth for me

I am so going to miss being out here, life for me out here is how life should have always been.
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Tenerife Job Training work with students going abroad to find for them internships programms at the best hotels of the tourism industry in the Canary Islands. Quality placements for tourism and hospitality students are offered by Tenerife Job Training, based in the south of Tenerife who has been receiving participants from Europe Mobility programms Leonardo Da Vinci , Erasmus mobility study programs for more than five years now. We are part of a professional network of companies that like, FU or animafestexperience help interns to study in Spain,and learn spanish.