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Lisa from Ireland Carnival training, Aug 2016

From the moment you step off the plane Marivi becomes your mother,your aunty,your person abroad who will look after you like family.In my case she was like my big sister.Nothing is too big or too small to ask but she will push you to make the best of your experience on your own which is incredibly important.She does not have a company that takes students and then forgets about them.It is personal for her and she always makes sure everyone is ok.I have been lucky enough to take part in two carnavals in Tenerife with Marivi and now consider her a friend which I genuinely believe is her goal with every student.
This is my favourite Photo,lots of smiley ,happy,people who speak a mish mash of languages but are still having fun.x

Dawn from Ireland, Ag 2016

I found both ladies Marivi and Teresa very good, they were available and helpful for every question and request could not fault how welcoming and helpful they are..

I worked in the La Siesta hotel, I found Sisi and Iza that worked their to be nice and helpful and patient.. I did however find one girl Eni a little rude to me she didn't show much patience nor time to help me.. I had to call in sick one day to attend hospital due to a health problem I had previously suffered with, on explaining my situation to this girl Eni she went to ask me to see my scar, I felt extremely uncomfortable by this and shocked, I felt I was been questioned by her and she wanted proof of what I was saying even though I had provided notes from hospital.. I found the managers of the hotel rude, I was unable to eat lunch in the canteen and I also was not allowed to leave the hotel to eat.. The hotel wasn't that busy and I spent most of my time in the reception area.. Going forward for future students I personally would not recommend this hotel.. The Erasmus for me was an amazing experience overall and everybody was amazing.. Thank you

Helen from Ireland, July 2016

I have to say your company was out standing with the effort and work that ye had put in to our work placement.
Nammu Spa at the La Plantocion Hotel are amazing, their high standards of their treatments and making their guests feeling as comfortable as they can are just so rewarding to them. They took me on as part of their team with out any judgement towards me at all. They are by far the most kindest,caring, understanding work colleagues I have ever met, and I will never forget them or my experience at the luxury spa, it was a privilege to be chosen to work at this 5* Spa.
I have learned so much from them. It has been a pleasure meeting the staff at nAmmu Spa and of course a pleasure to meet you both, you both have done excellent on the tenerife job training centre. And I wish ye the best for the next group.

The only dislike I had,was the 30 minute bus journey I had each day (twice ????) and when a bus driver would just pass you by at the bus stop, then having to wait for the next and at this hotel the 467 bus was the only bus I could get,not once did a 418 come that way ????????????.

I want to thank you both for the amazing experience i had and the chance to have all the memories I have brought home with me that was shared with our group.

Take care and best of luck with your next Erasmus group.

Kindest Regards
Helen McCormack.

Olivia from Ireland, July 2016

The trip home was good, I am happy to be home but I miss the warm weather. Loads of rain here.

I really enjoyed my trip to Tenerife and my work placement.
The spa I worked in, Iberostar Sensations, was amazing. I was so lucky to be placed in this spa. The staff were friendly and helpful and I was shown loads of new techniques which I cannot wait to put in to practice here at home. I gained lots of experience which has helped given me confidence to work in a spa or salon. Some of my work colleagues had poor English and I in turn have poor Spanish so it was a little harder to communicate but they still tried, as did I.
When the spa was quiet, I would practice massage or else hand out brochures by the pool, the hotel was also amazing.
I also helped with other jobs like cleaning, laundry, preparation of the spa, greeting guests and also taking appointments. I worked 6 hours a day and my hours were 10-4 or 2-8.
Each day I received my lunch at the hotel, which was great as it saved me the expense and the food was lovely. Another perk.

The apartment complex, HG Christian Sur, were clean and had good facilities including two pools, nearby supermarket and taxi rank or bus stop to get to work. There are two small mini markets right beside the complex and also a cafe on the grounds, which serves good food, and it is cheap too.
The beach is only 10 minutes away and Las Americas is a 10-15 minute walk or a 5 minute taxi ride.

Although I was sick whilst I was away, Marivi was so helpful, giving me instructions on visiting the hospital or medical centre, I chose to go to the hospital, where I was seen instantly with a diagnosis of a chest infection. I was put on a nebuliser and then given my prescription. Marivi was so kind to meet me at the hospital and take me to the pharmacy and then home.
I did have to pay €92 for the hospital fee and medication and my insurance did not cover this as the client has to pay the first €125 of any claim.

The only thing I disliked during the whole trip was relying on buses or taxis. I missed my car at home, but this was my only complaint. We also had cockroaches in our apartment but we had plenty of laughs trying to get rid of them.

I made great friends and great memories on this trip and I am very grateful I got the chance to go.
It is a great opportunity for students.

Thank you for everything whilst over in Tenerife, ye are both very helpful and friendly, and provide a great service.

Aigul from Russia, May 2016

Dear TJT i would like to say how much i am happy and grateful for amaizing experience in Tenerife! I had the best practice ever! I met wonderful people and now some of them my lovely friends! I worked in the good hotel with such a kind people, who treated with me very well, they taught me and always made my day! love them! I am sure any student will say the same about Hotel Zentral Center team! So lucky to be part of them for few months! I enjoyed every day in this sunny island!
Thanks to your hard job, especially to Marivi Gracia and Teresa Martins! I will always remember your help and hope to see you again! You are always welcome to my country!
You made me feel as I was in Paradise! My unforgettable winter more than ever! Of course my spanish is much better, so have to say MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS por todo! Besito! Te echo de menos!

Emmeline from New Caledonia, Feb 2016

Oui j'ai apprécier TENERIFE. *:) happy

J'ai aussi aimer mon stage, l'hôtel ou j'ai travailler, les collègues qui ont était super sympa avec moi. Et qui m'ont accompagner pendant 5 mois dans le monde de la cuisine Espagnol. Je remercie le patron de l'hôtel de nous avoir héberger et tous ce qui fait partie....! Merci encore pour ces moments partager a vos coter, un grand merci pour vous " TENERIFE JOB TRAINING & les cuisiniers & les serveur + barman et les animateurs etc.... pour l’accompagnement. Je vous merci et a bientôt !

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