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Ingrid, April 17

Yes, I am actually missing Tenerife and its beauties. I am glad to give you feedback about my experience while in Tenerife with TJT.

I would say that the overall experience was great, I really enjoyed. At the beginning, the work placement wasn't what I expected as I am doing European Studies and I was placed in a Tourism kind of sector, but I opened my mind and thought that it should be good to learn something different and I did. I learned so many new things and met amazing people such as my supervisor.

About TJT, I would say that you're helpful and friendly, but for next time I should suggest that it should be given to the students some type of identification to use while on the work placement, such as a shirt or a badge with TJT logo and the student name. I think it would look more professional and would also be a way of advertising TJT.

A big thanks to Teresa and Maravi, the two of you were very nice.


Emmanuela from Ireland, March 17

Hello Teresa,

I'm fine, thanks. yeah I'm really missing tenerife and all of its adventures. My work placement was fantastic, I got a lot of experince and knowledge which has helped me with most of the modules for my course. I really enjoyed being a part of the team at since they were very friendly and patient. I really miss you all and my regards to Marivi.

Emily from Galway ireland, Feb 2017

Hi Teresa

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to reply. I have been very busy with college work, but I am finally finished!!

As for Tenerife job training, I don't think you and Marivi could have been more helpful. You were both so kind and helpful and that made us feel like we were not on our own in Tenerife. We knew you both were always a phone call away.

Team Pages were so kind and welcoming. We all had so much fun with them. Daniel a genuinely kind man and was very patient with our lack of spanish. He and his team were extremely warm and kind and I have made a couple of new friends.

I don't think there is anything negative I could say about your service. Erasmus 2017 was a fantastic experience made better by yourself and Marivi.

I hope this is the feedback you were looking for and I hope to return for Tenerife Carnival 2018!!!

Kindest regards and best wishes

Fanny form Sweden, January 17

You asked if I’m missing Tenerife. Since the day we arrived back to Sweden I have think about Tenerife every day and I’m also looking at pictures from Tenerife everyday. This 3 months trip to Tenerife have been the best time in my life. This experience is something I never will forget. I got so many new friends and I really appreciate that. I will definitely come back to Tenerife, as a tourist or for work. In three months I grew as a person. Now I feel more independent and now I feel ready and good prepared to travel by myself next time.

I will say a big thanku to both of you Teresa and Marivi! You both was like a security for all of us. When I had questions or if something doesn’t felt good, I always knew that I could call or send you a message.

You gave me motivation. In the beginning I really hate the animation. It’s a really big challenge to work in the animation in the beginning. Before I started work every day the first weeks I felt very uncomfortable with this job. Now I’m so proud and glad that I did it. It’s a very fun job, but you have to keep the smile in every situations even if you are tired, sad and you always need to have a lot of energy or at least pretend to have a lot of energy haha..

First I said “I never gonna do this job again” but now I’m looking for jobs in the animation after my graduation by school.

I want to tell you the Likes and unlikes you asked about.

Your service - I don’t have something bad to say about your service. Like I already wrote, you both was amazing. You always answer our questions and help us with different things. Thanku very much for being a part of my good experience! I haven’t something to say that you need to improve. Just continue like you do now, that would be perfect!

About the company - I did my internship at Hovima Santa Maria. The people in the stuff were so friendly. The day before I went home I said goodbye to a lot of the crew, I cried because now they are my new friends and I didn’t wanted to leave them.

My room, there I lived was good. Very small but very fresh and renovated. I don’t have any complaints about the rooms. And if something was wrong I went to the servicemen and the always were so friendly and help us.

Peter The Best Entertainer, Dic2016

LIKES or UNLIKES and why about the company you have done your training.

I was definitely satisfied with the hotel and its staff, where I done my training. Pepe, the main animation guy in Hovima Jardin Caleta, was excelent teacher and gave me a lot of experience. But I learned a lot of things also from Monica and Sheila. They made from me less shy person who is now more open minded with everything. Accommodation and food for personal in hotel was in nice level too, but wifi connection for trainees was missing. This traineeship gave me more than I was expecting, and I really appreciate it. :)

-LIKES or UNLIKES and why about our service.

Tenerife Job Training is organization that is providing full quality services for students without any complication, their staff is always helpful with full disponibility during the whole traineeship program. Everytime when I needed something, they were there as quickly as possible. I cant say any bad word on this company. The meetings, that is TJT organizing once in 2 - 3 months were also really nice and exciting, because there were trainees connecting together (making new friendships, relationships...). Thanks for everything to best manager Marivi and employee Teresa, see you in 2017. ;)

Celine form Ireland, Ag 2016

Hi Marivi Garcia and Teresa Martins
This is email is about my internship in Tenerife,
The company I interned at was TESTA salon de bellez in jardines del teida,
I really enjoyed my time here as I felt everyone was really open, welcoming and the atmosphere in the salon was amazing!! My training was very hands on as everyone had a new skill or treatment to share with me and this also helped me perfect and add on to my own existing skills and treatments that I can offer, and I got to work on areas that I felt I was weaker in! I was allowed to be hands on with client care and this was really valuable as clients are the most important part of this kind of business, they also helped me learn Spanish and encouraged me to speak when I could. All in all I had an amazing time with this company they were amazing people, and I count myself lucky to have been placed with them!!
I found the service that Tenerifejobtraining to be very efficient and helpful especially when settling in it was great to know that if there was a problem that all I had to do was contact Marivi or Teresa, and they would help in anyway that they could, but I was one of the lucky ones to be placed with a great company and didn't have any problems!
One piece of advice is offer to anyone about to undertake this internship would be to enjoy the experience and to learn as much as you can while you're there as three weeks is such a short period of time and it goes in a blink of an eye!!
Thanks so much for this azmazing opportunity, it was an experience that I'll never forget and one I gained so much from!
You can share this on social media if you would like, I just didn't think that this email would fit on Facebook!
Kindest regards
Celine Gillen
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