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Tenerife, an Educational Tourism Destination


Tenerife is an island where tourism is of central importance and it is one of the most attractive destinations in Europe. It is not only the quantity of tourists which visit the Island that makes Tenerife so attrac­tive for Tenerife Job Training, it is also the high quality of the local hotels which increase the learning opportunities for students.

The “Q” label, which stands for Quality Tourism in Spain, can be awarded for any activity related to tourism services or products, and it is beginning to be recognised also at international level.

The “Q” label is proof of compliance with a series of characteristics and provides prestige, distinction, reliability and excellence to certified tourism establishments. It is a sign of the certified establishment’s commitment to ensure the full satisfaction of its clients by covering all their needs, exceeding their expectations and offering an excellent service. Only establishments which guarantee the quality levels specified in the Quality Services Standard obtain the certification, after passing the objective tests provided for in the Regulations and Standards.

Quality has become the main objective of tourism industry in Tenerife and evidence for it can be found in the efforts made by the municipalities to achieve the certification. By 2012 most of the tourism services offered in Tenerife are already certified.

That is why Tenerife Job Training decided to give this excellent opportunity to students in mobility programmes who are looking for their first working experience.

Q Calidad Turística

Tenerife Job Training operates as a competent and creative motor which introduces the concept of EDUCATIONAL TOURISM to the island and works to enhance it as a stimulus to visit the island as important as the sun, the landscape and the culture, the most common reasons that every year bring millions of tourist. Tenerife Job Training is proud to be ambassador for students in this wonderful archipielago.

Thank you for giving us this great responsibility.

X Tenerife

Tenerife Job Training is proud to be member of The Promotional Tourism Board of Tenerife:

Tenerife Job Training work with students going abroad to find for them internships programms at the best hotels of the tourism industry in the Canary Islands. Quality placements for tourism and hospitality students are offered by Tenerife Job Training, based in the south of Tenerife who has been receiving participants from Europe Mobility programms Leonardo Da Vinci , Erasmus mobility study programs for more than five years now. We are part of a professional network of companies that like, FU or animafestexperience help interns to study in Spain,and learn spanish.